Standards Of Practice

South Bay Building Inspections is committed to following the
American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.
We pride ourselves on our unsurpassed integrity and honesty.

The SBBI Difference
What’s unique about South Bay Building Inspections is the amount of experience you can count on - over 25 years worth. No big companies, no turn-key operations, just personal, professional expertise. Each inspection is tailored to your property. We go above and beyond following any standardized form. We are deeply committed to personalized service and successfully meeting the needs of each client.

The true goal of having an inspection is to help the process of the sale so everyone is fully aware, and a buyer feels confident about the decision they are about to make. We are not out to alarm people, our objective is to educate without causing anxiety; to make sure you feel prepared and secure about the purchase. And since we only do inspections, not repairs, it guarantees the client an unbiased report of the structure.

What To Expect
We encourage you to be present for your inspection appointment. A real estate transaction can be a stressful time for both buyer and seller. At South Bay Building Inspections, we’re here to support you, to make sure you feel confident moving forward with the sale knowing what, if anything, needs to be addressed.

We create customized reports that are typically available the next business day via e-mail or fax.  Additionally, at the end of each inspection a “wrap-up” session is done on-site at the conclusion of the inspection.  Everything that will be listed on the report is discussed in detail with the client. This provides an opportunity for the client to ask any questions or concerns with regard to the property.

We welcome follow-up communication. The buyer is free to call our office anytime during the escrow process or after the sale closes to discuss any questions or concerns that may arise concerning the property.